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New state program offers $135 million in economic support for businesses/families

November 23, 2020

After receiving urgent messages from industry groups and others about the effects of his most recent COVID-19 restrictions, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday the state was increasing available economic support from the $50 million he promised on Nov. 20 to a new total of $135 million.

The package, which relies partially on CARES Act funding, includes:

  • $70 million in business support grants;
  • $30 million for the recovery loan program;
  • $20 million for rental assistance; and
  • $15 million for energy bills for low-income households.

Information about this economic assistance could be available in the next week or so on the Department of Commerce Small Business Resources website.  BIAW will be watching the site and let you as soon as information is posted, as we know the funding goes quickly. We will also post links to the BIAW COVID Resources page.

Businesses and industry groups urge new approach

BIAW joined the Association of Washington Business (AWB) in sending a message to the Governor’s office on Nov. 19, urging him to reconsider the recent restrictions. The message, signed by a number of associations, was one of several the Governor’s office received on both sides of the issue.

Continued diligence appreciated

Thank you for continuing to urge your employees, clients, friends and families to stay safe and protect themselves and others from the spread of the disease by limiting exposure to others during the holidays. Here’s a list of activities by risk level.  Please know any COVID-19 cases we experience as an industry will affect our ability to stay open—even if COVID-19 is not being spread on our jobsites.

Thank you for your assistance! We will provide more information as soon as its available.

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