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Bracket Battle first-round winners announced!

March 11, 2024

The BIAW Bracket Battle Membership Drive first-round winners have been announced and the competition has been fierce. First-round competitors received points for new members recruited in February. Top recruiters moved forward.

First-round winners in the BIAW Bracket Battle

First round winners

Congratulations to all the first-round winners:

  • Aaron Marvin, Building Industry Association of Clark County
  • Andrew Northrop, Spokane Home Builders Association
  • Becky Rieger, Olympia Master Builders
  • Brandon Wieschhaus, Kitsap Building Association
  • Caleb Blanton, Building Industry Association of Clark County
  • Chuck Neibert, Building Industry Association of Clark County
  • Curtis Banta, Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association
  • Debbi Boyd, Olympia Master Builders
  • Dee Coppola, Kitsap Building Association
  • Gary Wray, Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association
  • Gina Carlson, Olympia Master Builders
  • Heidi Saenz, Kitsap Building Association
  • Jay Roberts, Central Washington Home Builders Association
  • Lee Paranada, Kitsap Building Association
  • Marianne Weber, Kitsap Building Association
  • Scott Zellers, Spokane Home Builders Association

Didn’t advance? Don’t despair

Even if you don’t advance, you’re still in the game! Keep recruiting through May 31 to win these additional prizes.

  • All participants earn $100 for each new member they recruit who enrolls in the ROII program or BIAW Health Trust by May 31.
  • All registered recruiters scoring five (5) points total throughout the competition receive an exclusive invitation to the BIAW Recruiter Reception at the 2025 International Builders Show, whether they advance through the brackets.

Rules of the Game

  • Eligibility: All recruiters must have an active NAHB membership.
  • Enrollment Deadline: Recruiters must enroll or be enrolled by local staff by March 5, 2024.
  • Bracket Challenge: BIAW will place enrolled recruiters in a randomized bracket, and top recruiters will advance each month.
  • Scoring: Recruiters receive one point for each builder and associate new member recruited.
  • Three-pointer: Score a three-pointer by encouraging your recruit to complete an ROII inquiry form and health insurance quote. Recruiters receive a base point for the member, a point for the member joining ROII and a third point for the member joining BIAW’s health insurance program. Recruited members must successfully enroll in each program by May 31 for recruiters to receive bonus point payouts.
  • Jump ball: If there’s a tie, we’ll look at bonus points or total recruits in previous month to determine who advances.
  • Live Tracking Note: Due to NAHB reporting delays, “live tracking” will lag by about half a month, so recruiters should aim for monthly excellence.
  • No Point Combining: Participants may not combine points with other participants.
  • Winners Announcement: Winners will be announced in June and at the Summer BOD meeting.
  • Read Bracket Battle Official Rules, Terms and Conditions


Grand Prize Champion!
Win a fully reimbursed trip, including airfare and hotel accommodations, to the 2025 International Builders Show in Las Vegas for you and a guest.

  • Runner Up: Enjoy a Washington Winery Experience for you and a guest.
  • 3rd & 4th Place: Receive a $200 gift card of your choice.
  • Bonus Point Winners: Earn a $100 gift card of your choice per bonus point incurred no matter if you advance through the brackets or not.
  • Exclusive Recruiter Reception: All recruiters scoring 5 points total will be invited to an exclusive recruiter reception at the 2025 International Builders Show, including non-bracket participants.
  • Prize Delivery: Prizes will be delivered in 2024-2025.

Local Associations Incentive

Local associations can also win cash prizes based on the overall percentage increase in new members during the drive. Encourage local participation to benefit your community:

  • 0.1% Net gain = $25 or $25 per new member
  • Cap at 5% growth ($1,250) or 50 new members ($1,250)

Congratulations to the following local associations for their recruitment points in February!

February local standings

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