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Governor signs HB 1589, leaving Washington in the cold

March 28, 2024

OLYMPIA…Gov. Jay Inslee today signed HB 1589. The bill “supports the state’s largest utility — Puget Sound Energy (PSE) — in its planning efforts to transition from methane gas towards all renewable, clean energy sources.”

In other words, it clears the path for Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to force its roughly 800,000 natural gas customers to convert their homes to all-electric and raises energy rates for all in the process.

The Building Industry Association of Washington and others vehemently opposed HB 1589 throughout the legislative session because it raises the cost of housing and denies current and future homeowners energy choice and security.

Here’s what we said when it passed the House of Representatives in the dark of night right before the end of session.


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