Government Affairs

Protecting and Promoting the American Dream of Homeownership

The Government Affairs team partners with BIAW members to protect and promote the American dream of homeownership for Washington families. During the legislative session, we work to pass pro-housing and pro-business legislation and defeat efforts that drive up the cost of buying or remodeling a home.  

All year round, we represent you in state agency rulemaking and before the State Building Code Council, providing your perspectives to decision-makers and keeping you informed of new rules and regulations. 

If you have any questions regarding BIAW Government Affairs, contact BIAW Managing Director of External Affairs Jan Himebaugh at 360-352-7800 ext. 135. 

Legislative Action Center

Your Government Affairs team tracks upcoming legislative hearings and provides guidance to help you share your views on important bills each week.  

Legislators need to hear from you! 

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Legislative Priorities

  • Streamline and expedite the permit process so homebuilders can build the homes our state needs. 
  • Simplify the State Environmental Policy Act to reduce unnecessary and redundant reviews that delay the homebuilding process. 
  • Simplify the impact fee deferral program by reducing paperwork, changing fee due dates and increasing transparency to encourage more builders to participate. 
  • Support home building by restructuring the State Building Code Council to provide more cost-effective ways to build safe, efficient homes for Washington families. 
  • Strengthen the residential construction workforce by supporting the Education Pathways bill to require the State Board of Education to provide information to students and parents on all graduation pathways, including construction work experience, and the requirements for each beginning in middle school.

View PDF: BIAW 2023 Legislative Agenda + housing facts


Find Your Legislator

Washington Affordable Housing Council

BIAW’s political action committee, the Washington Affordable Housing Council (WAHC) plays an active role in Washington state elections: investing time, energy, and money into promoting pro-business and pro-housing candidates.

Building Codes

BIAW’s building codes and policy manager has a finger on the pulse of the council, helps ensure representation on the TAGs and keeps members and leadership informed of activity that affects the homebuilding industry.

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How They Voted

Biennial Legislative Scorecard


Each biennium, BIAW grades legislators based on their floor votes. While these votes are not the whole picture of legislative activity, they provide a snapshot of where legislators stand on issues important to the home building industry.


Research Center

BIAW’s Government Affairs team does more than advocate on behalf of the home building industry. The team also researches and develops policy information to help decision-makers better understand how and why homebuilding gets so expensive.


We are offering three opportunities to attend a workshop covering how to create and execute a winning campaign strategy. You do not have to be a member of BIAW to attend— open to anyone who is interested in running for office or working on campaigns.