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Workforce Development coordinates and supports member and local association efforts to recruit more people into residential construction trades.

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Whether looking for new employees or helping existing employees grow their skills, BIAW provides the resources you need to build your workforce. Find job boards, educational opportunities and ways you can advocate for a career in construction below.


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Biaw Job Board

BIAW members may post job openings and connect with interested workers for free by joining our job board, powered by Companywide.


A mobile app connecting builders and remodelers with skilled tradespeople in the palm of their hand.

Madden Craftsmen Services

Premier staffing provider for industrial businesses, providing quality employment opportunities to their pool of skilled working craftsmen.

College Training Programs

Connect with a local community college or trade school to hire new graduates.

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BIAW’s Workforce Development Task Force encourages members to visit their local schools or participate in career days to share their knowledge and encourage more young people to join our industry.

View our Careers in Construction Toolkit to help you speak confidently to a classroom or group about our industry.

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Pierce County Skills Center


Are you a student or educator looking for hands-on training opportunities, job shadowing, and internships to get real-world experience? Take a look at these industry pathways, as well as, workshops and resources for educators to enhance their teaching of construction-related subjects. Bridge the skills gap in the industry and provide a pathway for the next generation of construction professionals.

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Since its inception, BIAW has awarded over $670,000 in scholarships and grants. They provide scholarships to students who have demonstrated a passion and commitment to developing a career in the home building industry.

They also offer grants to organizations with programs in construction-related fields of study, residential construction career training, continuing education, apprenticeship, and skills assessment services, and technical training programs educating tomorrow’s home builders.

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The industry effort to attract, train, and retain skilled talent has a place for you! Looking to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper? The Workforce Development Task Force is comprised of BIAW members, staff, interested parties, and educators from around Washington state.

The task force focuses on filling the labor shortage gap, the lack of general education and vocational training in the education sector. The task force holds monthly conference calls to continue discussing how to battle the skilled trades labor shortage in residential construction.

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