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Lock in your health insurance rates through 2025

March 25, 2024

Members of the Building Industry Association of Washington can lock in great health insurance rates through October 2025. That’s thanks to great negotiations between the members of the BIAW Health Trust and Capital Benefit Services through our partnership with Regence BlueShield and Asuris Northwest Health.

Lock in your health insurance rates

BIAW’s Health Insurance Program offers members an affordable group health insurance option. Over the last 30 years, the program has set the bar for association health plans with a commitment to great pricing, benefit plans and customer service.

If you’re not a member of the BIAW Health Insurance Program, and you have two or more employees, you can reach out for a quote today!

The extended rates also apply to renewing members of the BIAW Health Insurance Program.

Why offer health insurance benefits to your employees?

Most employers offer health insurance because they care for their employees and want them to be safe, healthy and productive. But employers who offer health insurance benefits also have a competitive advantage over those who do not.

In a recent survey by Forbes Advisor, 67% of employees and 68% of employers believe health insurance is the most important benefit.

There’s no better time to lock in your health insurance rates and enjoy freedom from rate increases for two full summer construction seasons!

Why join the BIAW Health Insurance Program?

BIAW’s program offers over 50 group medical plans plus dental, vision and life insurance. Each provides a wide range of benefits and deductible levels.

Every BIAW benefit plan includes 100% coverage for preventive care benefits such as baby care, screenings, annual physicals and more.

All plans include coverage for on-the-job accidents (when the claimant is not covered under a workers’ compensation program). Most other plans exclude these claims.

No matter which combination of BIAW benefit plans your company selects, you will receive only one monthly billing statement, and make a single monthly payment.

Members take advantage of significantly reduced rates well below the direct market. The pooling power of the members allows for competitive pricing from over 50 medical plans, including Regence BlueShield, Asuris Northwest Health, Kaiser Permanente, Delta Dental, VSP and Lincoln Financial Group.

Contact Capital Benefits Services to request a quote today!

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