Research Center

Housing Data and Reports

BIAW’s Government Affairs team does more than advocate on behalf of the home building industry. The team also researches and develops policy information to help decision-makers better understand how and why homebuilding gets so expensive.

Washington Housing Fact Sheet

Wildland Urban Interface Fact Sheet

Cost Implications of 2021 Code Updates

Natural Gas Restrictions in the 2021 Codes

Washington Housing Affordability Index

Washington’s Housing Supply Shortage by County

Washington State Impact Fees

BIAW Special Reports

BIAW’s Policy and Research Manager works with builder members and others to gather the most relevant and accurate information on the issues.

Cost of Constructing New Homes in Washington State

The Real Cost of Regulations in Washington # #

Cost of Permitting Delays in Select Jurisdictions in Washington state

Washington’s Housing Attainability Crisis in Each County: Part 1

Washington’s Housing Attainability Crisis in Each County: Part 2

Ramifications of the Underproduction of Housing Units, 1990s to 2020

Cost of Living as a Renter in Washington and its Effect on Homeownership

The Real Cost of Zoning: The Invisible Tax #

NAHB Reports

In addition to its broad advocacy efforts, NAHB supports its members through extensive economic analysis and research that provides insight into the housing market.

Impact of Home Building in Washington: Income, Jobs and Taxes Generated

Comparing Costs to Revenue for State and Local Government

Priced Out Video Series

Each year, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) releases its Priced-Out Estimates, showing how higher home prices, government regulations and rising interest rates affect people’s ability to buy new homes. These videos show how rising prices affect families’ ability to afford a home in several communities in Washington.


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