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Apply to serve on TAG

November 8, 2021

Are you tired of code changes that don’t embrace practicality, create more barriers to homeownership or arbitrarily raise costs of construction? Apply to be on the International Residential Code Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to enact change!

Purpose of TAG

The purpose of TAG is to:

  • Review code change proposals as requested by the Council or Standing Committee, including proposed statewide amendments and national code changes
  • Provide information to the Council or Standing Committee
  • Identify proposed changes that may have an economic impact on small businesses, housing affordability, construction costs, life-cycle costs, or the cost of code enforcement, to be reported to the Workgroup on Economic Impact
  • Conduct research into other code-related matters as requested by the Council or Standing Committee

How to apply

If you’re interested in serving on the Technical Advisory Group to influence the next set of WA Residential Codes, please consider applying for one of the following vacancies:

  • Home Designer
  • Insurance/Appraisal/Realtor
  • Framing/Masonry Contractor

Simply send your resume and/or statement of interest to Micah Chappell (TAG’s Chair)

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