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More opportunity to weigh in on natural gas restrictions

September 20, 2021

Recognizing the intense public interest in its pending decision on restricting natural gas in commercial construction, including multi-family housing, the Washington State Building Code Council is continuing its Sept. 17 meeting to allow more opportunity to weigh in on natural gas restrictions and other proposals before the council. The SBCC will hear more public testimony and potentially take action on Sept. 30.

Thank you to everyone who answered our call to sign-in to the meeting and participate in public testimony. If you missed the meeting and would like to listen in, you can find the recording on TVW.

Watch the Hammer & Nail, our blog and/or social media for news on when, where and how to join the Sept. 30 meeting for another opportunity to voice our concerns.

Judge denies motion to suspend improper SBCC appointments

Also on Sept. 17, Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon denied our request for a preliminary injunction to prevent Gov. Jay Inslee’s newest SBCC appointees for the residential and commercial construction industries from voting on important matters until the court could hear our lawsuit on this matter.

On Sept. 9, BIAW and AGC filed a lawsuit against the governor and others, alleging he violated the law when he chose to ignore the groups’ lists of nominees to represent the residential and commercial building industries on the SBCC and made different appointments.

The case will now move forward to a hearing on the merits of our case.

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