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L&I renews warning to contractors: Watch out for scams!

June 17, 2024

The Department of Labor & Industries has renewed its warning to construction contractors to watch out for scams.

Earlier this year, L&I warned contractors about calls from scammers claiming their contractor registration was suspended. Contractors reported scammers were calling and demanding $50 over the phone to ensure contractor registrations were valid.

This scam is alive and well! Don’t fall for it.

Watch out for scams

“We never call contractors over the phone asking for payment to reinstate contractor registration,” L&I shared in a recent bulletin. “While we have heard about this scam the past couple years, it appears to be picking up recently based on contractor reports. Some contractors are receiving emails and texts with the same false information as in the telephone calls.

“If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately,” L&I advises. “If you receive a text or email that appears to carry this message, don’t open it.”

What to do

If you receive a call, text or email that appears to be a scam, you can:

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