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Building Industry Association endorses Reichert for Governor

July 1, 2024

OLYMPIA…The Building Industry Association of Washington announced its decision to endorse Dave Reichert for Governor at its summer board meeting.

“Dave Reichert is a clear choice for governor of the state of Washington,” said Jay Roberts, BIAW President. “He not only understands what’s best for Washington, but he also understands what it will take to get there.

“As King County Sheriff, he worked to protect the people of King County,” Roberts said. “Then during his time in Congress, he supported our state at the federal level. Now it’s time for him to lead our state.”

The right direction for Washington

The state’s largest trade association with more than 8,200 member companies, BIAW represents the interests of home builders, remodelers, subcontractors and others who help Washington families achieve the American dream of homeownership.

BIAW board members from 14 local homebuilding associations welcomed Reichert as their luncheon keynote speaker Tuesday with a standing ovation. Reichert shared his vision for fixing what’s broken in Washington.

“One political party has controlled Olympia for far too long,” said Greg Lane, BIAW Executive Vice President. “And the lack of leadership over that time has resulted in a massive housing shortage, rampant homelessness, and tax and regulation policies that have significantly driven up the cost of living for working families. We need a change.”

Reichert for Governor is good for housing

BIAW members greeted Reichert with a standing ovation as he took the stage then listened intently as he discussed how he would:

  • Prioritize public safety, including cracking down on jobsite theft.
  • Rein in budgets so businesses can pay lower taxes.
  • Return “service” to public service and improve how the government interacts with Washington residents and businesses.
  • Promote legislation to increase supply and make home ownership accessible to more Washingtonians, including supporting lot-splitting, impact fee reform and addressing problems with the state’s Growth Management Act.

Other endorsements

BIAW’s board of directors also voted to endorse:

  • Initiative 2117 to stop the hidden gas tax and repeal sections of the 2021 Washington Climate Commitment Act.
  • Initiative 2109 to repeal the state’s capital gains tax.
  • Initiative 2124 to allow people to opt out of the state’s long-term care program.


The Building Industry Association of Washington is the voice of the housing industry. The state’s largest trade association with more than 8,200 member companies, BIAW promotes and protects the vitality of the building industry so more Washington families can enjoy the American Dream of owning a home. Learn more at:


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