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Deadline’s looming to collect signatures to protect natural gas and energy choice

June 22, 2024

The deadline’s looming to collect signatures to protect natural gas and energy choice in Washington. Supporters have until July 5 to submit the 405,000 signatures we need to make sure Initiative 2066: Protect Energy Choice makes the November ballot.

I-2066 protects reliable, affordable energy choices like natural gas and propane and prohibits gas bans in Washington.

Deadline’s looming

Let’s Go Washington, BIAW and our partners have distributed more than 120,000 initiative petitions. Now it’s time to collect them all to prepare to deliver to the Secretary of State’s Office on July 5.

If you haven’t signed the initiative or if you have petitions to return, we’ve made it easier than ever!

Check out the latest super signing events

  • Super Signing Event in Centralia
      • Eubanks Glass, West Main Street, Centralia
      • June 27 from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Johnson’s Home and Garden
    • Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road, Maple Valley
    • June 29 from 9 to 11:30 am
  • Super Signing Event with Amanda McKinney in Yakima
    • Chalet Place Mall, Yakima
    • June 29 from 9 am to 1 pm

Additional locations

Aside from super-signing events, Let’s Go Washington has hundreds of signing and petition drop-off locations around the state. They add new pop-up super signing events and drop-off locations every day so check back frequently.

*PLEASE CALL AHEAD: Locations may have turned in their packets already or may have changed hours etc. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

About Initiative 2066

Natural gas delivers vital energy, warmth and comfort to millions of homes and supports the jobs and security of 100,000+ businesses, restaurants and institutions in Washington.

Signing Initiative 2066 gives voters the power to:

  • Stop the state from limiting natural gas service to homes and businesses, like restaurants and breweries.
  • Protect natural gas for heating, cooking and more.
  • Stop state and local governments, and their agencies, from banning, restricting, or discouraging gas and gas appliances in homes and businesses, like restaurants.
  • Make sure gas utilities will continue to provide natural gas to customers who want it.
  • Protect people from having to switch to only electric energy.
  • Keep the power on when our energy grid is at capacity in super cold or hot weather.

Signing Initiative 2066 does not:

  • Force anyone to use natural gas or natural gas appliances.
  • Take away energy incentives and rebates for those who choose them.
  • Reduce the state’s commitment to addressing climate change.

Read more about the initiative and see who’s supporting it.

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