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Initiative 2066 to protect natural gas garners 546,000+ signatures in 50 days

July 5, 2024

OLYMPIA…The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), Let’s Go Washington, the Washington Hospitality Association (WHA) and others today submitted the final round of petitions supporting Initiative 2066 to protect natural gas as an energy choice, bringing the total to 546,000+ signatures in 50 days.

The 546,000+ signatures gathered is the second-highest for a state initiative and the most gathered in over 50 years.

546,000+ signatures in 50 days

“When we launched this initiative 50 days ago, I knew Washingtonians opposed the idea of banning natural gas, but the support for this initiative has been truly amazing,” said Greg Lane, BIAW Executive Vice President. “We look forward to voters now having the chance to protect natural gas as an energy choice by approving I-2066 in November.”

By state law, supporters must submit 324,516 valid signatures from registered Washington voters by July 5 to qualify for the November General Election ballot. The Secretary of State’s office recommends a “cushion” of 15 to 20% in case some of the signatures collected are duplicates or from non-voters.

“Today’s announcement is the result of a strong partnership with Washington’s leading industry associations and the passion of the people of Washington who are tired of politicians in Olympia making their lives more expensive,” said Brian Heywood of Let’s Go Washington. “Initiative 2066 will now be on the ballot in November. Together with the three other initiatives we have on the ballot, we’re giving Washington the ultimate opportunity to vote yes and pay less.”

Protecting natural gas as an energy choice

BIAW, WHA and others have fought off political efforts in the legislature, at the local government level and at the Washington State Building Code Council to end natural gas service for Washington residents and businesses who rely on it.

Initiative 2066 protects reliable, affordable energy choices like natural gas and propane and prohibits gas bans in Washington. It gives Washington voters the freedom to join the 24 other states in America who’ve banned natural gas bans in support of energy choice.

“I-2066 will ensure families and businesses across the state can continue to rely on natural gas as an energy source for their stoves, water heaters, barbecues, furnaces and fireplaces,” said Anthony Anton, President and CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association. “It would also protect people and businesses from being forced to make the costly switch to all-electric power.

“Many restaurant and lodging owners continue to carry significant debt from COVID,” he said. “The cost of converting equipment then wiring and replacing panels for the higher electric load will rise to six figures for most operators and over a million for hundreds of others, meaning Washington will lose even more of these businesses.”

I-2066 protects natural gas as an energy choice, ensures energy stability and security, and prohibits natural gas bans in Washington.

About I-2066

Signing Initiative 2066 gives voters the power to:

  • Stop the state from limiting natural gas service to homes and businesses, like restaurants and breweries.
  • Protect natural gas for heating, cooking and more.
  • Stop state and local governments from banning, restricting, or discouraging gas and gas appliances in homes and businesses.
  • Make sure gas utilities will continue to provide natural gas to customers who want it.
  • Protect people from having to switch to only electric energy.
  • Keep the power on when our energy grid is at capacity in super cold or hot weather.

Signing Initiative 2066 does not:

  • Force anyone to use natural gas or natural gas appliances.
  • Take away energy incentives and rebates for those who choose them.
  • Reduce the state’s commitment to addressing climate change.


  • Building Industry Association of Washington
  • Washington Hospitality Association
  • Associated General Contractors of Washington
  • Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association
  • NW Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association
  • Washington Denturist Association
  • Associated Builders & Contractors Western WA Chapter
  • Associated Builders & Contractors Inland Pacific Chapter
  • Washington REALTORS
  • Washington State Tree Fruit Association

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