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Voice your support for energy freedom

September 29, 2021

Please join us and voice your support for energy freedom at the next Washington State Building Code Council meeting from 10 am to noon on Sept. 30 (agenda). The meeting is a continuation of the council’s Sept. 17 meeting where they were considering new restrictions on natural gas in commercial construction, including multi-family residential construction.

As the Washington Policy Center points out, “the policy will add nothing to the state’s CO2-reduction. Instead, it will add costs by mandating an expensive method of reducing emissions.”

We are concerned this is the first step toward eliminating natural gas as an option for families in new single-family home construction.  We know families across the state feel strongly about having this important option for heating and cooking—especially when winter storms knock people’s electricity out for days.

Tell the SBCC to vote NO on restricting energy choice

Let the SBCC know you oppose these proposals on or before the SBCC’s Sept. 30 meeting

Thank you for your assistance in preempting this attack on our ability to serve Washington families.

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