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New electrical laws in effect as of July 1

June 30, 2023

New electrical laws taking effect July 1 change how electrical trainees can perform journey level (01) work and qualify for the certification exam.

What you need to know about Washington’s new electrical laws

To employ electrical trainees pursuing an 01 certificate, contractors have to

  • Be registered apprenticeship training agents; or
  • Create their own registered apprenticeship

Trainees doing the kind of work limited to 01 electricians must be registered apprentices in the same apprenticeship as their training agent (employer) or enrolled in an approved two-year training program.

Trainees will not qualify for 01 examinations without completing a registered apprenticeship program.

Things to keep in mind

Only programs that provide training in journey level (01) occupations are affected. This includes:

  • Construction Electrician
  • Inside Electrician
  • Inside Wireman

As of this publication, there are about a dozen registered apprenticeships offering training in these occupations. See a complete list at:

Specific level of experience

Trainees with 3,000 hours of electrical experience before July 1, or those who have completed a two-year electrical construction training program, may continue to gain journey-level experience. They can do this without registering as an apprentice, or being a part of a registered apprenticeship program, until July 1, 2026.

More information

Learn more: Guidance for registered apprenticeship programs regarding changes in Electrical Apprenticeship (F500-150-000)

Additional information can be found at, or email

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