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Help pave Washington’s new graduation pathways

July 10, 2023

Graphic of Washington's graduation requirements, including High School & Beyond plan, core credit and subject requirements and graduation pathways with brief description of eachThanks to BIAW, the State Board of Education and others, the Legislature approved new performance-based graduation pathways to provide students more ways to demonstrate skills, knowledge and abilities.

How graduation pathways fit in

To graduate from high school, all students need to complete:

  1. A High School and Beyond plan
  2. Credit and subject area requirements
  3. A graduation pathway option
  4. Any other local requirements

What are graduation pathways?

The new performance-based graduation pathway gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in a real-world, hands-on way that lines up with their life’s goals after graduation. BIAW supported this legislation to allow more students the chance to explore careers in the trades and use what they learned toward their graduation requirements.

Learn more about the New Graduation Pathway here.

Help pave the pathway

The State Board of Education is developing rules to implement the new graduation pathways–and you can help!

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Submit written comments to between Sep. 7 and Dec. 4
  • Testify at the public hearing (Date TBD)
  • Testify at board meetings (Sep. 7 and Dec. 7)
  • Request to meet with State Board staff (sooner is better)
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