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July/August Building Insight Preview

August 1, 2019

The July/August Issue of Building Insight is full of big news, lawsuits, and great pictures from the board meeting and events that happened in the last two months. Before your Building Insight gets to your house, here is a little sneak peek to what is inside…

The summer was officially kicked off with the board meeting in Yakima June 19-21. At the meeting, the board adopted a new Strategic Plan for BIAW to focus on the priorities of the membership. This newly adopted plan is the goal that BIAW continues to strive towards daily. To read more about the strategic plan start on page seven of Building Insight.

The second major decision made at the board meeting was to approve a new building to house BIAW’s operations. The purchase of the new building is not final yet; stay tuned for more information on the new building at the end of August.

Reminder: Next year’s summer board meeting will be at Skamania Lodge on June 22-24. Hope to see you there!

BIAW commissioned and released an economic impact report examining the impact on the construction of 24,000 single-family homes built in Washington State in 2018. It examined one-year impacts that included both direct and indirect impacts of the construction activity itself, the impact of Washington residents who earn money from the construction activity, and the money from the construction activity spent within the state. To learn more about the economic impact report and the positive impacts home building has on Washington State’s economy, read page nine.

BIAW filed two lawsuits last month. The first lawsuit was to stop the raid of workers’ comp fund and make sure it is used for its intended purpose, to compensate injured workers. The second lawsuit was filed against Governor Inslee, the State of Washington, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The lawsuit alleges the governor and legislature overstepped their constitutional authority in legislation that created new fines for builders. To read more about the lawsuits, check out page five.

Lots of local associations held events over the past month such as Remodeler’s Seafood Fests, BA meetings, and membership appreciations. To see what local associations are up to, start on page 17.

It has been a busy couple of months, but BIAW wants to thank everyone who has helped and attended the successful board meeting and all the local associations who held events to better our members and their communities. The next issue of Building Insight will be ‘Back to School’ themed and will be mailed out early September.

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