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BIAW launches “Cut the Costs” campaign to bust the myths about housing costs

April 22, 2022

BIAW has a message for millennials:

“It’s time to cut the costs of new homes – and you have the power to change things.”

It’s time to cut the costs of new homes. With the median price of a new home at an all-time high of $565,613 in Washington, the hot housing market dominates news cycles and everyday conversation. At that price point, roughly 76 percent of Washington’s families are unable to buy a home.

Yet most people don’t understand why housing prices in Washington are so high– especially those below the age of 40 trying to buy their first home,

Time to cut the costs of new homes

Homeownership continues to be the number one driver of household wealth. But the homeownership rate among millennials was only 48%, according to 2020 census data. That’s compared to 68% for all generations. And it’s easy to understand why when millennials are paying 39% more than boomers did at the same age 40 years ago!

BIAW has launched the CutTheCosts campaign to help millennials see how decades of restrictive and costly housing policy have made it so they can no longer find, let alone afford, the kinds of starter homes their parents and grandparents enjoyed.

Image of Cut the Costs home page

We’re reminding them they have the power to change things and #CutTheCosts of new homes in the future.

Spreading the facts

The #CutTheCosts campaign is using Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google and YouTube to target first-time homebuyer millennials with digital ads and videos about the hidden costs of housing policy across thousands of websites and all major social platforms for the next three months. The ads take people to this landing page where they can learn more and sign up for updates.

Our ultimate goals?

  • Raise awareness about the hidden costs of housing policy
  • Empower millennials to join us to #CutTheCosts so more of them can afford the American dream.

Five ways you can help

Many people won’t receive the ads because we’re not the target audience. But we can still support the campaign. Here are five easy ways to help:

Let’s help millennials #cutthecosts of new homes so more families can enjoy the American dream of owning a home.

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