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BIAW launches new job board

April 12, 2021

Construction faces an ongoing shortage of skilled labor.  According to the Employment Security Department, the industry is projected to add 10,300 jobs from 2018 to 2023 and another 3,400 jobs from 2023 to 2028.

Recognizing this, BIAW has made Workforce Development a pillar in its strategic plan. The overarching goal? Coordinating and providing support for member and local association efforts to recruit more people into the trades for residential construction.  One strategy under that goal is to “promote job opportunities in residential construction.”

To achieve this goal, BIAW recently established a relationship with CompanyWide. CompanyWide is a Boston-based company that helps connect students and skilled tradespeople with construction companies seeking to hire quality workers on an easy-to-use online hiring platform.

How it works

BIAW members can post jobs for free and instantly browse resumes of interested workers. Workers can also post resumes and look for work for free. Additionally, CompanyWide has a portal for teachers to help their students develop training plans and post jobs. There are also special programs for new tradespeople and veterans.

What’s next?

This new job board is live and members are already posting jobs. Next up, you’ll see a robust marketing and outreach campaign designed to attract more members and job applicants to the site. We’re ready to build a workforce our members can count on! Education and Workforce Development Director Al Audette or your local association can provide more information on how to get started!


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