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Your Marketing Strategy Blueprint: Start with a Plan to Succeed

December 10, 2020

Class Description:

Please note: Registrants for online classes will receive the meeting logins via email 1-2 days prior to the class date.

You wouldn’t begin a remodel without plans, so why doesn’t your marketing have a plan? In this webinar, we explain how to create a marketing strategy that matches with where you’re taking your company, how to identify and understand your ideal clients (and projects!) so that you can focus your efforts on programs that will deliver results.


Instructor: Ann Gusiff, Gusiff Marketing Group

How to Register:

Class scheduled live-online for 1/7/2021 at 9-10:30 a.m.

Register using the BIAW Community

Step One: When you click on the class in the email, it will take you to the BIAW Community.

Step Two: You’ll be prompted to log in, but you’ll want click “Sign Up” unless you’ve already created your account, then you’d just log in normally.

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