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Workforce pathways bill moves forward

February 6, 2023

The Workforce Pathways bill is poised to move forward after receiving a hearing before the House Education Committee on Feb. 6. The bill, HB 1308, gives legislators another opportunity to support trades education.

Washington needs 270,000 more homes to meet demand and make homes more affordable for people who want to buy them. With many builders reaching retirement age, we’ll need thousands more skilled tradespeople to work in residential construction.

Watch the hearing on this bill on TVW:

Recognizing workforce pathways on the way to success

BIAW supports Career and Technical Education (CTE) and workforce pathways in middle and high schools as an alternative to the college-only pathway many educators seem to prefer.

The Education Pathways bill incorporates language written by BIAW requiring the State Board of Education to provide information to students and parents on all graduation pathways and the requirements for each beginning in middle school.  The House Education Committee has scheduled the bill for a vote out of committee in time to meet the legislature’s first committee cut-off is Feb. 17.

Painting pathways to the trades

BIAW and local homebuilding associations across Washington regularly work with local youth to introduce them to success in the trades.

Whether through local workforce development programs or bringing National Association of Home Builders student chapters to Washington, we understand it takes all of us to provide opportunities for new workers to join the industry.

Be a part of the solution

The industry effort to attract, train, and retain skilled talent has a place for you! Looking to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper?

The Workforce Development Task Force is comprised of BIAW members, staff, interested parties, and educators from around Washington state.

The task force focuses on filling the labor shortage gap, the lack of general education and vocational training in the education sector. The task force holds monthly conference calls to continue discussing how to battle the skilled trades labor shortage in residential construction. Contact Education and Workforce Development Director Al Audette for more information.

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