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Update From the Washington State University Energy Program

February 10, 2021

As the new state building codes go into effect, the Washington State University Energy Program is here to help. Here’s the latest WSU Energy Program update:

Prescriptive worksheets: the Single Family Prescriptive Worksheet and Multifamily Prescriptive Worksheet are online!

WSU’s new Code Compliance Calculator is available for use with projects where the prescriptive path is not appropriate.

They updated Options for Code Compliance as follows:

  • R405 Simulated Performance Alternative Path: Added that Table R405.2 also requires R406 compliance.
  • R407 Passive House Path: Added an example of PHIUS Final Project Certificate

They posted two new webinars on their Events & Trainings page:

 Announcement: They do not yet know if the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance will want them to provide WSEC-R training and technical assistance after Feb. 28, 2021. They will let you know as soon as NEEA informs them of their decision.

For additional assistance and updates from the WSU Energy Program:

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