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Commerce shares rental relief programs

October 2, 2021

Gov. Inslee recently extended the moratorium on evictions through October 31, meaning more and more renters are falling further behind. Rental relief is available.

For tenants

If you have tenants in need of assistance, they can find help through designated organizations in each county. Commerce has a resource page with more information available in 36 languages, including where to apply for assistance and where to find legal help.

For landlords

There’s help for landlords as well. The limited landlord relief program may allow owners of six or fewer rental units to recuperate up to 80% of the unpaid rental payments where tenants are non-communicative or unqualified for the Eviction Rental Assistance Program. Other restrictions apply.

Young people under the age of 25 can get help through the Youth and Young Adult Eviction Rent Assistance Program.

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