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One Size Does not fit all on Safety Training Bill

February 20, 2020

HB 2564, the requiring health and safety training for construction workers bill would require EVERY construction worker in the state of Washington to complete a 10-hour classroom safety program within two years of passage of the bill. That’s nearly 240,000 workers.

For residential construction companies, it would mean sending your employees to a class for two days, paying their wages, paying class fees for them, and making up for the two days that they miss on the job.

BIAW and other construction industry groups strongly oppose this costly and unnecessary new mandate. Construction companies are already responsible for training their employees on safety issues specifically related to the job and jobsite. A “one size fits all” course, as prescribed in HB 2564, is not necessary and will be less effective than current practice.

This bill will be heard in the House Labor & Workforce Standards Committee Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 3:30 p.m.

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