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A New Membership Savings Opportunity Through NAHB

November 7, 2022

When signing up for membership through your local home builders association, you also enroll as a member at the state and national levels. With this membership, you have access to resources, expertise and educational opportunities to help build a better product, form a better business, and create a more positive business environment.

Members Saved over $36 million in 2021

Another benefit of your membership is savings and discounts on products and services through NAHB. NAHB negotiates exclusively with more than 20 national companies that members can use for their businesses and families. From automotive to business management and everything in between

Shopping through the NAHB member savings program also supports your local home builders association, too. All purchases made through the programs provide monetary support. Last year alone, NAHB gave more than $700,000 due to member participation.

New NAHB Membership Savings

Recently, NAHB announced a new member savings opportunity with US Bank Voyager Mastercard. This new fuel and fleet card provides the following savings:

  1. No account setup or card fees
  2. Fuel savings through NAHB Voyager App

The new savings program allows members to administer cards, set spending controls and see all transactions within a single system. It also works in remote locations, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Taking advantage of this new offering is a simple two-step process. Members need to:

  • Provide their Financial Institution Number (FIN)
  • Complete an application here

Once the information above is submitted, members will receive a call directly from Voyager. During this time, they will have the option to either do a pre-paid card or a credit option. The process is simple and quick.

Ready to start saving? Check out NAHB’s full list of businesses that provide discounts for members.


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