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BIAW president urges industry to embrace “Locks Save Lives” for secure storage of prescription medication

October 25, 2021

Tracy Doriot with lock boxAs National Substance Abuse Prevention Month draws to a close, BIAW President Tracy Doriot is urging fellow home builders to help promote the safe and secure storage of prescription medicines.

A Certified Builder and owner of Doriot Construction, Doriot was among the first to join the “Locks Save Lives Home” campaign as an industry partner. Watch the Locks Save Lives video and hear Tracy’s personal story.

Industry partners include local home builders, property managers and realtors committed to purchasing and installing locking cabinets, drawers or lockboxes in each of the homes they build, manage and sell.

“Safe medication storage benefits everyone’s health and well-being and is the single-most effective deterrent to accidental poisonings, overdose, medicine theft and misuse,” explained Kelley Groen-Sieckmann of Vancouver’s Prevent Coalition, developers of the Locks Save Lives Home campaign. “When you choose to become a Locks Save Lives Home partner, you invest in saving lives and prioritize safety by making safe medication storage easy and a standard for all families.”

Those involved in the campaign encourage others in the residential development and home-building industry to join the Locks Save Lives Home movement and make a positive impact in the health and well-being of the community.

“For me, this effort is extremely personal. I’ve lost friends and relatives from prescription drugs falling in the wrong hands,” Doriot said. “A lot of things builders get asked to do take tens of thousands of dollars, but a $15 lock is a minuscule cost that can have life-long implications.

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