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News Release: Homebuilders Endorse Mullet for Governor

June 30, 2023

Van De Wege earns endorsement for Lands Commissioner

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OLYMPIA… The Building Industry Association of Washington’s (BIAW’s) Washington Affordable Housing Council (WAHC) voted this week to endorse Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah, for governor. BIAW will actively support his campaign in the 2024 election.

Mullet for Governor

Sen. Mullet earned the homebuilders’ endorsement based on his consistent support for issues critical to increasing housing and home ownership across Washington state.

“At a time when Washington faces a massive housing shortage, Sen. Mullet has demonstrated a deep understanding of what it takes to help more families achieve the American Dream of home ownership,” said BIAW President Gary Wray.

“The Washington Affordable Housing Council trusts Sen. Mullet to take the action needed to address the supply shortfall that has created our state’s housing affordability crisis,” he continued. “He’s demonstrated a commitment to housing affordability as a legislator and will continue to do so as our state’s next governor.”

Throughout his time as a state Senator, Mullet has supported increased funding for critical transportation projects, sponsored and passed a $400 million property tax cut and sponsored permit reform to help build all types of housing Washington needs.

“Sen. Mullet understands the balance between protecting the beautiful environment of our state and the need for more Washington families to have the opportunity to benefit from home ownership,” Wray said. “That’s why our members voted to endorse Mullet for Governor.”

Van De Wege for Commissioner of Public Lands

The WAHC also voted to endorse Sen. Kevin Van De Wege, D-Port Angeles, for Commissioner of Public Lands.

Van De Wege served five terms in the House of Representatives before winning election to the Senate in 2016. He has a consistent record of support for housing and home ownership.

BIAW also supports his balanced approach to forest management. This approach will protect communities and reduce exposure to wildfire smoke during peak building season.

“As a firefighter, Sen. Van De Wege knows how to proactively manage Washington’s forest lands to prevent wildfires,” Wray said. “We know he will do what it takes to protect them in a responsible manner.”

BIAW’s political action committee, the WAHC plays an active role in Washington state elections. The WAHC invests time, energy, and money into promoting candidates who will increase opportunities for home ownership.


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