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Installing heat pump water heaters? Make sure you know the rules

November 13, 2023

Installing heat pump water heaters may require more than an HVAC/Refrigeration electrician, advises Washington’s Chief Electrical Inspector from L&I.

Washington’s new electrification plan requires heat pump water heating appliances. And while this equipment may be similar to equipment installed in HVAC/refrigeration systems, be sure to pay attention. If the equipment is not integrated to generate, deliver, or control heated, cooled, filtered, refrigerated, or conditioned air, the equipment is not part of an “HVAC/refrigeration system” defined in WAC 296-46B-100. That means it’s not included in the HVAC/refrigeration specialty scope of work.

Heat pump water heaters have both plumbing and electrical connections. Plumbing laws regulate plumbing contractor licensing and plumber certification. Under certain conditions outlined in RCW 19.28.091(8) and RCW 18.106.150(8), plumbers and electricians may practice each other’s trade.

Conditions only apply to 02 residential specialty and 01 journey level electricians.

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