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Weigh in on new heat hazard rules

May 2, 2022

L&I invites builders to a virtual stakeholder meeting on May 4 to gather input on proposed updates to the state’s heat hazard rules.

At the meeting, they will provide a draft version of their proposed rule language and open discussion on:

  • Trigger temperatures
  • Shade
  • Cool/potable water
  • Rest breaks
  • Training

Meeting details

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and calendar item with your personal meeting link or phone number and the password. On the day/time of the meeting, you will need to click on that link or call and enter the appropriate password. Then the host will admit you to the meeting. (Note: Please check spam or junk mail for this confirmation email as it will be coming from Zoom.)


According to L&I’s “Ambient Heat Exposure Rulemaking” page, the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) received a petition for rulemaking on June 28, 2021. The petitioners requested changes to L&I’s heat hazard rules to include more specific requirements to prevent heat-related illness. L&I initiated rulemaking in August 2021. Since then, L&I has conducted research and stakeholder engagement to explore ways to prevent worker injuries and fatalities associated with heat-related illness.

For more information, check out the updates on L&I’s website.

For additional tips on keeping your workers safe in hot weather, check out “Hazard alert on Heat Stress.”  ROII Safety Services Manager Bob White provides regular safety updates like this in our monthly Building Insight magazine.

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