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Staying heart healthy while working from home

July 28, 2022

As many companies have moved to a work-from-home model, we have changed the structure of our workdays. But did you know that just sitting too much may harm your heart health?

According to study results published in the New York Times, sitting for at least 10 hours a day may be linked to high troponin levels, hurting your cardiac health. And with so many of us working from home, now it’s more important than ever to make an effort to stay active. So what can you do to stay heart-healthy, even if your job requires you to be at a desk, or your dining room table, all day?

Walk during your lunch break

Getting away from your desk in the middle of the day for a walk will elevate your heart rate and probably elevate your mood.

Take the stairs

Walking up even one or two flights of stairs a day can make a difference in your cardiovascular health.

Stand at your desk

Try getting a desk that converts from sitting to standing or standing up while you are on the phone—over the course of the day, you’ll significantly decrease your time spent sitting.

Change your commute

If you are still working outside the house, consider walking, running, or biking to work, even a few times a week, increasing your active time and providing a nice change of scenery. There are many great ways to integrate simple, healthy choices into your workday. The team at the BIAW Health Insurance Program is here to help you and your employees access the best healthcare at the best possible price.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before beginning or ending medical treatment or if you have questions regarding a medical condition.

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