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5 reasons to give big to the Washington Home Builders Foundation

May 6, 2024

It’s time to “give big” to the Washington Home Builders Foundation!

BIAW’s Washington Home Builders Foundation awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships and grants to 16 students and 13 construction trades programs in 2023. You can read about all the scholarship winners in October’s Building Insight. We’ll announce the 2024 winners soon!

With your help, we’ll raise even more to expand access to trades education across the state. Can we count on your support?

Yes! I’ll GIVE BIG!

Top 5 reasons to GIVE BIG to the WHBF

Building skills

Supporting workforce education helps paint pathways to the trades. It helps workers build skills so we have enough qualified professionals to meet the demand for new homes and renovations as our members retire.

Higher Quality Homes

As longtime BIAW members prepare for retirement, Washington needs a well-trained workforce to continue our tradition of building high-quality homes. When new builders and contractors have access to education and training, they can deliver superior craftsmanship, enhancing property values and driving homeowner satisfaction.

Spurring our economy

Workforce education initiatives create jobs. They not only prepare individuals for careers in home building but also generate employment opportunities within the education and training sector itself.

Homes build communities

A strong home-building industry contributes to community development. It’s not just about houses; it’s about creating vibrant neighborhoods and boosting local economies through increased construction and related activities.

Supporting workforce education in the home building industry is a strategic and impactful way to foster growth, improve quality, and empower individuals and communities. Throughout the month, we’ll be giving shoutouts to the generous donors who support our foundation!

Investing in the future

Contributing to the Washington Home Builders Foundation is an investment in the future of the home building industry. A skilled and well-trained workforce ensures our continued growth and sustainability. And it’s really fun to see students’ faces when they open a check to help fund their future!

GIVE BIG today!

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