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Fight President Biden’s New Tariffs on Lumber

November 30, 2021

On November 24th, the US Commerce Department DOUBLED the tariffs on imports of softwood lumber from Canada.  This comes at a time when lumber prices are still well-above pre-pandemic prices, meaning this ill-advised decision by the Biden Administration to double tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber will only make matters worse for your businesses and customers.

NAHB needs your help to get Congress involved. Demand that they pressure President Biden to negotiate an updated softwood lumber agreement with Canada and increase US lumber production by harvesting more timber from US forest lands.

These doubled tariffs will make already-high inflation worse, sending lumber prices soaring, adding tens of thousands of dollars to the price of a new single-family home and thousands of dollars to the price of a multifamily home.

Contact your Member of Congress and tell them to stop President Biden’s trade war with Canada, which is punishing American homebuyers and renters.

If President Biden and Congress truly want to make housing more affordable for all Americans, they must start by bringing lumber prices down.

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