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November 9, 2020

It seems we have a president-elect, and as the nation watches two potential U.S. Senate runoff races, Washington state continues to count ballots.

Statewide Executive Races:

Statewide executive races offered little change, except Republican incumbent Treasurer Duane Davidson was beat by sitting state representative Mike Pellicciotti.

Republican Kim Wyman cruised to a third term as Secretary of State, once again the West Coast’s one of two statewide elected Republicans.

Gov. Jay Inslee handily beat what was essentially a grassroots far-right candidate with no broad support.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Auditor Pat McCarthy, both Democrats, also easily beat their challengers.

Legislative Races:

Into legislative races, it seems the promised blue wave, yet again proved non-existent. If the return results hold, and each day those late return ballot trends are looking like it will, the majorities in the Washington legislature will remain the same.

Also, moderate Democrat Senator Mark Mullet, who faced a formidable challenge from the left, has overtaken election night results and is up 88 votes in the 5th district.

Republican Senator Ron Muzzall has also taken the lead by 1210 votes, and in the same 10th district for the open seat, Republican Greg Gilday leads by 414.

In the 19th legislative district, incumbent Democrats Senator Dean Takko and Representative Brian Blake have been behind since election night and continue to lag; it looks like neither will be returning. Representative Vicky Kraft, originally down on election night, has more than made up the difference and will be another Republican from the 17th returning to the legislature.

Currently, Senator Steve O’Ban continues to trail his democratic opponent in the 28th. And the 42nd district chose challenger Alicia Rule over sitting Republican Luann VanWerven.

Results will not be final until the end of November, but late ballots should be nearly all in, and few counties have massive ballots left to count. BIAW will continue to keep you updated.

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