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Condo Reform

February 15, 2019

Condo ConstructionLong overdue, condominium reform continues to make its way through committees in both chambers in Olympia.

If lawmakers are serious about providing housing options and inventory for all incomes, condos are a tool that can be used to help build affordable housing options in our communities. Builders, Realtors, insurers, and affordable housing advocates all agree – Washington needs condo reform to reintroduce condos back into the housing market. Currently, it is almost a certain guarantee that if you build a condo project, you will be sued.

BIAW supports work being done to make some of the reforms necessary to bring condo ownership back to our marketplace. We aren’t stopping there, BIAW continues to press the issue that the legislature can streamline planning and require local jurisdictions to do the right thing by promoting housing opportunities for everyone. Increased condos, multifamily, and single-family housing supply is the only path to affordability. Washingtonians want options and need affordability.

Please contact your legislators and let them know we support condo reform as part of the affordability housing solution.

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