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Remodelers/renovators: Prepare for compliance checks

August 15, 2022

Compliance officers from the Washington Department of Commerce and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been scheduling compliance checks/inspections with contractors who remodel or renovate homes built before 1978. If you are a remodeler or renovator in Washington state and they haven’t contacted you yet, be prepared.

These compliance officers want to ensure builders comply with Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program requirements for contractors in state law to address lead-based paint’s health and safety risks.

Not a scam

Compliance officers email contractors to invite them to recordkeeping and reporting compliance inspections at local hotels. Some builders ignored the email because they thought the request to meet at a hotel felt like a scam.

If you receive such an email and have concerns about its legitimacy, feel free to contact the state Department of Commerce Lead-Based Paint Program to double-check. It is important that you show up to the meeting.

Be prepared for compliance checks

The compliance officers will invite you to an in-person compliance inspection or require you to send them records. They are asking contractors to provide the following:

Need Certification?

Does your business need to apply for and receive RRP certification? BIAW offers members Washington state-accredited, full-day courses at a discount. Look for the Certified Lead Renovator initial class on our Classes page.

If you can’t find a class near you, Education and Workforce Development Director Al Audette at


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