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BIAW Educating Members on 2018 Building Code

February 11, 2021

The 2018 building codes went into effect for everyone in Washington state, except for projects in the City of Seattle, on Feb. 1.

In order to aid our members in complying with the new code, BIAW held 11 Significant Changes to the 2018 Codes classes serving 561 members. We also partnered with Olympia Master Builders and Swiftsure Energy Services, LLC to offer four classes specific to paths to achieving the 2018 Energy Code. Those classes reached 235 members at no additional cost.

We are now partnering with Spokane Home Builders Association to offer another class targeting the energy code as it relates to Section 405. The ‘2018 Building Codes Made Easy’ is scheduled for Feb. 16, 2021 featuring Milt Greenwood of Building Energy Inc. This class will also be at no additional cost to members.

To register, please email Education Manager Hillary Vanatta at education@biaw or call 360-352-7800 ext. 106.

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