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BIAW Class Spotlight

January 8, 2021

WA State Salary Reqs., FLSA Job Classification, and Independent Contractor Reqs.

Class Description:

This session is intended to provide specific legal definitions related to FLSA classifications of employees vs. independent contractors. The session provides attendees with a better understanding of risks associated with non-compliance, familiarity with the various terms, tools, and reference websites, and create job descriptions utilizing a classification testing matrix

This class takes place Jan. 21, 2021 from 10-11:30 a.m.


Juli Bacon, JB Consulting Systems


Online Class Procedure:

Once you register using the steps below, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then receive the class meeting logins and any other information (book material, handouts, tests, etc.) 1-2 days before the start of class. These items will be emailed to the email address(es) provided on your class registration form.

Online classes are in partnership with all 14 local home builders associations.

 Register Using the BIAW Community

Step One: When you click on the class in the email, it will take you to the BIAW Community.

Step Two: You’ll be prompted to log in, but you’ll want to click “Sign Up” unless you’ve already created your account, then you’d just log in normally.

Step Three: Fill out your information and click “Submit”.

Step Four: Once submitted, you’ll be taken to the community and can register for your class under “Class Schedule.” You’ll also receive a confirmation email with your username and a link to the community.

For more information, please contact BIAW Education Manager Hillary Vanatta at

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