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2020 Home Design Trends

March 17, 2020

Now that we have entered a new decade, there are lots of changes to come for the home building industry. Here are just a few of the projected 2020 home design trends:

Statement Tiles: Many homeowners are doing away with the all-white kitchen and bathrooms and adding statement pieces like tiles to keep the place lively and add contrast to the space.

Wood Paneling: Wood paneling can be done many different ways and can be either exposed or painted. Adding this to any room brings warmth and comfort that is generally unexpected for wood.

Arches: Arches in doorways and windows create clean lines without excess detailing. Interior design elements with arches are very popular too and buying an arched mirror is a cost-saving way to spruce up the place without structural changes to your home.

Built-in Seating: Whether it is a window perch or kitchen table bench, built-in seating really adds personality to a room and can make a great place for extra storage.

Colors: Colors are the new neutrals and are being added as accent pieces to a room. People are steering away from the traditional white modern look, so do not be scared to add the pop of color.

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