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2019 Hall of Fame

November 11, 2019

The BIAW Hall of Fame welcomed its newest member, Larry Chimenti, during the Installation and Awards ceremony held at the Historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. The posthumous award was accepted by his wife Pat, daughter Jennifer and grandson Sam.

As a District Sales Manager for Sears, Larry Chimenti first became active in BIAW as an associate member of the Master Builders of King & Snohomish Counties (MBAKS), then awarded BIAW Associate of the Year in 1990, and serving as BIAW Second Vice President in 1993. Later he joined MBAKS in 1995 as Director of Membership, his contribution to member recruitment and retention became unparalleled.

He inspired and created a team culture, long before the phrase was popular. Larry’s themed membership drives, rewards and personal attention were legendary. He never missed an opportunity to thank individuals for the membership.

Larry used his superb sales techniques to develop a membership recruiting and retention program that enlisted active local association members to help make MBAKS the largest local in the NAHB federation—a title that still holds—and BIAW a top-ranked state association. His mentoring and trainings systems continue to be used successfully throughout NAHB.

Larry was a great supporter of people. He believed in the power of long-lasting relationships, both personal and business. He never missed an opportunity to thank individuals for their membership and participation. This kindness and generosity extended beyond our association and into his community. He didn’t like to call attention to his giving but was a supporter of those in need. From hiding money in the back seat of a car for a mother with several children to find to organizing an event to support a couple with terminal illnesses so they could remain together in their home.

Larry was a mentor and comfort to people going through hard times, sharing his first-hand experience fighting cancer or lending an ear to someone in need. He fought cancer from 1995 until the end of his life. An essay he wrote, still widely shared, gives cancer patients lessons on how to battle the disease with a positive attitude. In it, he credits his two angels, his wife and his daughter who took care of him and taught him how to fight. He was a strong advocate of visualization, forgiveness and making positive contributions to humanity.

Larry’s ability to bring people together, creating an unprecedented program for membership out of service to his local association, BIAW, and NAHB exemplify a BIAW Hall of Fame inductee.

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