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2019 BIAW Scholarship Award Winners

July 18, 2019

After 31 applications were received, BIAW is proud to announce the 18 recipients of the 2019 Education Scholarship.

This year’s winners are:

  • Hamed Ghaheri
  • Julian Garcia
  • Shawn Leyenhorst
  • Sergio Gonzalez
  • Luis Briones
  • Jose Luna, Jr
  • Connor Ellis
  • Sierra Rothlisberger
  • Kayla Snodgrass
  • Zeb Chamberlain
  • Colt Corrigan
  • Cayden Tanasse
  • Colby Tucker
  • Troy Hilseneger
  • Kevin Mendoza
  • Matthew Clark
  • Carson Cortez
  • Brandon Boudrieau

Additionally, BIAW awarded four grants to organizations that offer programs in continuing education, construction-related fields of study and apprenticeship services.
This year’s winners are:

  • Builder Grant Program in Bremerton
  • Community Boat Project building ‘tiny houses’ in Nordland
  • Peninsula College summer partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Port Angeles
  • Perry Technical Institute in Yakima

A huge thank you to the Scholarship Review Committee who spent hours reviewing and evaluating the applications.

If you are interested in more information about BIAW’s Scholarship or Grant Programs, please contact Hillary Vanatta or Jan Rohila at 360-352-7800.

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