Careers in Construction Toolkit

Build the Skills Pipeline: Future & Current Workers

Despite competitive wages and high demand for new homes, the residential construction industry has a skilled labor shortage. A few of the reasons? Fewer shop classes, an aging workforce and a societal bias toward college prep over skilled trades. The result? A nationwide housing shortage, rising cost for homes and a generation lacking basic home maintenance skills. Here are ways you can help!

Share Your Knowledge

Have a chance to speak to a classroom or group about our industry? Here are some tips and resources!

Do A Little Research

Chat with the instructor or principal before your presentation to learn a little more about the students. Keep your audience in mind while you speak. Speaking to a group of construction trades students will be vastly different than speaking to an eighth-grade math class.

Share Your Story

Open your presentation by briefly introducing yourself, your company and how you got your start in residential construction.

Provide Wage Data

Show students how much they can make on average in common residential construction careers. BIAW has a PowerPoint with the latest Washington wages. Present it on the screen with the accompanying handout.

Let Them Hear From Other Young People

BIAW worked with four young workers with four distinctly different pathways to show young people the benefits of working in residential construction and how to find their way.

End With A Call-to-Action

Tell them where they can find more information about education, training and jobs in residential construction in your area. Answer as many questions as you can but always feel free to refer them back to BIAW.

Encourage Them To Apply For Scholarships

BIAW, NAHB, local associations and others offer scholarships to pursue trades education.

Additional Classroom Resources

Conduct a Teambuilding Activity

Visit a Classroom

Celebrate Careers in Construction in October

  • Demonstrate teamwork with a group project
  • Work in your community and heighten awareness of construction careers locally
  • Reach out to Habitat for Humanity, your Parks and Recreation dept., or another community group to identify a collaborative project
  • Post on social using #CICDAY2022 and #CareersInConstruction

Support Build Across America Day

Build Across America Day is a national workforce development program introducing children to the trades during Careers in Construction Month in October. View and download the promotional flyer. Register to receive complimentary The House That She Built event materials. Questions? Contact Patricia Potts.

Start an NAHB Student Chapter

This program is dedicated to enriching students’ educational experience and offers first-hand exposure to the real world of the building industry through membership, educational programming and networking opportunities. Bring this opportunity to your region of the state by accessing NAHB’s Starting a Student Chapter Toolkit.

Start A Student Chapter