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Take this survey: Help shape Washington’s tax structure

January 21, 2022

Washington’s Tax Structure Work Group wants you to take their survey and share your views on how we pay taxes in Washington. They encourage you to watch the videos below before taking one of two surveys. The videos explain different types of taxes in Washington and help you answer the survey questions.

Watch the videos

Why is the Work Group is updating Washington’s taxes?

Different types of taxes and how they might be improved

Current and potential taxes that businesses pay

Take the tax structure survey

There are two versions of the survey— The short survey takes around 5-10 minutes and asks general questions about your preference and is focused mostly on personal taxes. The long survey takes around 30-45 minutes and asks more in-depth questions and for your brief opinions on tax scenarios. It also includes scenarios on both personal and business taxes.

Please email or call 206-981-2223 to receive a paper version of the survey via mail.




The Legislature created the Tax Structure Work Group (TSWG) in 2017 to identify ways to improve Washington’s tax code. The group includes legislators from both political parties, as well as representatives from the Governor’s Office, the state Department of Revenue, the Washington State Association of Counties and the Association of Washington Cities. The TSWG has held town halls across the state to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the state’s current and potential tax structure so they can make recommendations to improve the state’s tax structure for individuals, families, and businesses.

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