Andy Arrants

After working for roughly three years at the Kitsap Building Association as Membership and Communications Director, Andy Arrants joined BIAW as digital production manager in January 2021. He moved into the Education Manager position in spring of 2022.

At the Kitsap Building Association, Andy created content and posted updates on the KBA website, produced the weekly KBA Tuesday Toolbox e-newsletter and managed the monthly KBA Newsletter inside of the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (produced by the Kitsap Sun newspaper).

He also managed all KBA digital and print publications for their events, such as the Expo-Guide for the Peninsula Home and Garden Show and the Digital Magazine for the Virtual Tour of Homes. He also built the KBA Virtual Tour of Homes website and directed and produced the video walk-through.

He has more than 10 years of experience in non-profit sector communications, public relations, and video and audio production. Andy and his wife live in Lacey.