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BIAW Bulletin- Jan. 25, 2021

January 25, 2021



Hello and welcome to another fabulous episode of The Hammer with Himebaugh, or what they refer to as the “BIAW Bulletin”—our weekly update from Olympia on the 2021 Legislative Session.

The bad bills keep on coming—and your help has been crucial in getting legislators’ attention during this virtual session.

Last week, in the Lawmaker Review, you were encouraged to sign in pro or con on bills that impact your industry—and legislators noticed!

Let’s show you how to sign in on bills important to the industry. This is how you can easily support your industry.

  • Every Monday afternoon, you’ll find “This Week’s Bills” in the Lawmaker Review.
  • If you miss it there, you can visit the BIAW News Page at —and look for “This Week’s Bills.”
  • And if you still miss it, we’ll publish multiple reminders out on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Here’s what the list looks like.
  • Click on the call to action to either “Sign in SUPPORT” or “Sign in OPPOSED” as highlighted here.
  • This post links directly to the Committee Sign In – Remote Testimony
  • Scroll down and click on “I would like to note my position for the legislative record.”
  • Fill out the form – MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT OR OPPOSE AS DIRECTED—and submit!

This week there is lots of bad, but we’ve got some good, too – permit review reform, growth board standing, LAMIRD flexibility. We’ll post a new list. Be sure to look for it and help yourself out every week!

If you have any trouble figuring out how to do it, email me at and I’d be happy to help.

Your voice matters. Thank you for your help!

And thanks for watching another excellent episode of “The Hammer with Himebaugh.”

There’s work to do and we’re doing it.

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