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Start Rewarding Your Business in 2020

March 4, 2020

ROIIIf you still haven’t looked into BIAW’s ROII Retrospective Rating (Retro) program, now is the time! Your commitment to safety and your employees’ well-being could be earning you refunds on the industrial insurance premiums you pay to Labor & Industries (L&I). In fact, ROII participants are averaging refunds of 36% of their annual premium every year.

ROII is the oldest and largest construction retro group in the state and has returned over $500
million in refunds to participating companies since 1982. In addition to top-tier refunds, ROII participants receive outcome-based claims assistance, safety services, risk management, and return to work assistance at no additional cost.

Retro is a safety incentive program with a simple goal: eliminate injuries through improvements in safety and preventive strategies. If an employee is injured, help them get better quicker with a successful return to work experience. Companies that do this can earn a refund. The ROII team of experts is committed to helping our participants navigate L&I’s daunting workers’ comp system and providing tools and knowledge to maximize your potential refund and improve your bottom line.

Safety has its rewards – don’t miss out! If you’d like to find out how you can start earning a refund, complete our online inquiry.

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