Joseph Irons, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMB, GMR, BIAW Certified Builder

President and general manager of Irons Brothers Construction, Inc., Joseph Irons has been a leader at his local association for the over 20 years he’s been a member. He served as MBAKS 2016 board president and chair of the MBAKS and BIAW Remodelers councils. His company is a four-time Remodeler of the Year winner. He is an active member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers Board of Trustees and served as BIAW’s representative to NAHB’s executive board.  A BIAW Certified Builder, Graduate Master Remodeler and NAHB Young Professional of the Year for Region E in 2018, Irons is a published author and accredited educator. Outside of work, Irons dedicates his time, talent and resources to his community. He’s a regular participant in both MBAKS’ Rampathon, helping build ramps for people who need them, and Painting a Better Tomorrow, painting non-profit buildings and structures.