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SB 5278, Direct Contractor Liability Bill, Doesn’t Make it Past Cutoff

February 15, 2021

Legislative session always creates challenges in Washington. The added difficulties surrounding a virtual session during a pandemic has created a slew of bills good and bad to track.

Thank you to all who have demonstrated industry support or opposition by virtually signing in or testifying.

A special thanks goes to:

BIAW President Tracy Doriot, Rick Hjelm, Corey Condron, BIAW First Vice President Joseph Irons, Clint Adamson, Ken Stryker, Kevin Russell, Jason Rasmus, Marty Hoye, Tram Bowen, Robert Disney and Russ Shiplett for testifying against SB 5278, the dreaded Contractor’s Liability Bill.

Thanks to all your efforts, SB 5278 did not make it out of committee before policy committee cutoff Feb. 15. All the policy bills needed to be out of their house-of-origin policy committees by that date.

You make a difference

As we know, no bills are officially dead until the end of session, but BIAW members who took time out of their busy days to sign in opposed or testify made a huge impact with legislators and policymakers in that committee. Over 100 people signed in to oppose the bill. Keep up the great work, your legislators like to see you participating in a session.

Stay involved

Remember to get involved and show industry support or opposition on bills. You can find “This week’s bills” on the blog with an image featuring a red flag or in the Lawmaker Review weekly email. Your work is making a difference.

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