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Remote Notarization

March 25, 2020

Last session the Washington State Legislature passed SB 5641, which allows for electronic notarization of documents. Under an emergency proclamation related to our COVID-19 crisis, Governor Jay Inslee has made this bill effective immediately.

This means that remote notarization is now allowed, if a notary uses a communication technology (ie: Zoom, WebEx, etc) that allows them to hear and see an individual remotely. They may perform a notarial act if the notary:

  • Has personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence of the identity of the remote individual
  • Is able to confirm that the record before the notary is the same as the record before the remote individual
  • Can create an audio-visual recording of the notary act, which must be kept for at least 10 years

The Department of Licensing (DOL) will have the responsibility for overseeing the program and notaries should consult with them on any rule-making. For more information, you can read the bill summary here »

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