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Get exclusive Pitch Hopper discount code

February 7, 2022

Roofing can be a hazardous job. That’s why ROII’s Safety Tech Guru Jesse Balbin and BIAW have teamed up with The Pitch Hopper to offer $5 off when you use discount code BIAW5 at check out for the “Original Series Bundle” and/or “Yellow Series Bundle” only. This offer is a one-time code and only available from 2/1-3/1, so visit today!

The Pitch Hopper is a must-have safety tool that increases productivity while decreasing fatigue.

Here are just some of the great Pitch Hopper features:

  • We get asked a lot if it works on 12/12 pitch roofs. Yes! You can rotate it to accommodate a 9/12 or 12/12 asphalt roof. It does not, however, work on steel roofs.
  • Super lightweight. The 24 inch weighs 5lbs, and the 32 inch weighs 6lbs.
  • Reduces fatigue and gives you a level working surface.
  • Keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind when working on different pitches.

Not already an ROII participant and want to be rewarded for safety in your workplace? Join the crowd-by joining the state’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program: ROII. Get started at or email

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