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Keep state forests working for Washington

February 25, 2022

BIAW supports Washington’s working foresters and their call to keep state forests working for Washington! Please support their call to action.

State trust lands support environment, provide jobs

Managing Washington’s sustainable working forests provides a continuous supply of renewable, carbon-friendly wood with a focus on protecting fish, water and wildlife. Our working forests deliver environmental benefits for the entire state while providing a major source of good-paying jobs. Timber harvest, wood products and replanting assures us that we can maintain our healthy, sustainable working forests.

Alarmingly, out-of-state groups are pressuring the Board of Natural Resources to stop all harvesting on state trust lands, killing a reliable source of income for trust beneficiaries, established at statehood.

Revenue funds public schools, community services

Revenue from timber harvests on state trust lands supports public schools and community services in counties, cities, and towns across the state.

Urge commissioners to reject out-of-state pressures

Will you take a moment to send a message to the commissioners asking them to reject out-of-state pressure and continue the management of state trust lands?

Thousands of jobs in jeopardy

Already, more than half of the state trust lands in Western Washington are set-aside for conservation and off-limits for timber harvesting.

Removing state trust lands from sustainable harvest will hurt rural economies and the environment. Mills will be forced to shut down. Thousands of good-paying jobs will also be in jeopardy – hurting rural economies already struggling.

Keep state forests working for Washington

Please tell the Board of Natural Resources you support the continued responsible management of state trust lands.

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